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ow expansion plans and business investment and limit hiring before taking more drastic steps that could slow your growth when business recovers.Instead, strengthen your relationship with existing customers and prospect for new ones. Refine your business plan. It s probably also a good time to avoid taking big risks or jumping into new markets unless you ve thoroughly evaluated the risks and potential rewards.Make sure your disaster recovery plan is in place and that your data is protected. A prolonged business outage is the last thing you need.And be passionate about your work and enjoy it. According to The Hartford, 81 percent of small business owners define success as doing something they feel passionate about and enjoy. If you ve achieved that much, persevering through a slow economy is a lot easier.Adapted from 5 Tips for Finding Success in a Tough Economy at Small Business Computing.Most managers complain of having too much to do, but very few of them effectively delegate work. In fact,Vans Suede N Canvas Fleece Lining Sk8 Hi Black, delegation is one of the most underutilized and underdeveloped management capabilities. Here are three ways to do it more:Identify the problem. You may not realize that you re unnecessarily hoarding work. Look for warning signs. For example,Vans Surf Blue, are you working long hours and feel indispensable, while your staff keeps regular hours?Remind yourself. Keep a visual reminder of your team s development goals so you can easily identify opportunities to delegate. A printed list taped next to your computer should work.Ask others to hold you accountable. Give your direct reports permission to call you out when you haven t delegated something you should.Adapted from “Why Aren t You Delegating?” by Amy Gallo.Visit Harvard Business Review s Management Tip homepagePurchase the HBR Management Tips bookPatrick Smith / Getty ImagesFormer Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky leaves the Centre County Courthouse after being sentenced in his child sex abuse case on October 9, 2012 in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.   RelatedPenn State Merchandise Sales Slide Post-Jerry Sandusky Scandal  When I was in junior high school, Enron collapsed and I followed the coverage daily,Vans LXVI Secant, transfixed by the blend of brilliance and incredible stupidity. When Enron memorabilia started popping up on eBay as former employees looked to rebuild their lives, I was a buyer: Enron pens, an Enron lunchbox, Enron stationery, Enron mousepads, and my personal favorite: an Enron Code of Ethics. I probably spent less than $200 on the whole collection and it gives me great pleasure and serves as a reminder of the dangers of hubris (and off-balance sheet accounting).My fascination struck me as a little morbid, but it’s got nothing on this: While Jerry Sandusky’s athletic and moral reputation collapsed in the wake of his conviction on 45 counts of child molestation, the market for his signature has positively boomed. A used Penn State hat signed by Sandusky sold for $255,Vans Authentic Leopard Blue, and signed copies of his memoir Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story have sold for anywhere from $50 to $200. One entrepreneur made $80 marketing his combination of a vintage Penn State jacket, a Sandusky Football Camp t-shirt, and a coach’s whistle as a “tasteless Halloween costume.”(MORE: Fiscal Cliff: Why Congress Might Have to Mess With the 401(k))Most creepy of all, a Penn State mini-helmet signed by Sandusky recently sold on eBay for $202.50 with seventeen bids perhaps bolstered by what came with it: the program from a 2003 gala for The Second Mile, the foundation Sandusky founded to groom victims for his sex crimes. The Pennsylvania sports memorabilia dealer who sold it (he declined to be named) was at the 2003 fundraiser where Sandusky signed the helmet and was puzzled by the interest when he listed it on a whim. He does remember a phone call with the buyer: “He was so excited to get this. I didn t really delve into it. He was like ‘I can t wait.’ I just kinda left it at that.” The buyer also, he says, wanted to know whether he had shaken hands with Sandusky.Far from killing
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