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edly biased Huckabee adviser Ed Rollins)!Or it was the result, widely predicted in the day s earlier polls, of an important but early event in a campaign with a number of them left. But when in doubt, you go with the bigger headline. Thankfully for the political media,[url=http://www.vanscheapshoesvans0.com]Vans Half Cab Pro Black Green[/url], Iowa provided them with the biggest possible, at least until the next news cycle. Latest from our Partners  Parent Claims Anne Frank Is Too Pornographic For School  The Huffington PostCrystal Island Proposal, Moscow — Image: Foster + PartnersIt seems that the old Russian-American space race has taken a new form. While I was off on Christmas break the office of Lord Norman Foster unveiled the design for a new mixed use mega-structure to be built in Moscow that will be the largest — not tallest, largest — building in the world, with four times the interior space of the Pentagon. Then this morning Foster s office announced that the project — virtually a miniature city, with apartments for 30,000 people,[url=http://www.vanscheapshoesvans0.com]Vans LXVI Variable Black Blue[/url], offices,[url=http://www.vanscheapshoesvans0.com]vans chukka[/url], a sports complex, shopping and even parkland —  has been granted preliminary planning permission. I was wondering if the Foster announcement of planning permission was a way of suggesting that Crystal Island won t face the kind of opposition that surrounds another huge Russian project, the proposed Gazprom headquarters in St. Petersburg. That s the 67-story tower planned for a largely horizontal city that Russian architects and Mikhail Piotrovsky, the director of the Hermitage, have been loudly denouncing for over a year — in vain so far. It can t hurt that Gazprom is one of the most powerful companies in Russia and that its chairman, Dmitri Medvedev, is probably going to be Putin s successor as president.Proposed Gazprom headquarters — Image: RMJM London Latest from our Partners  Parent Claims Anne Frank Is Too Pornographic For School  The Huffington PostYou didn t think I d let the year end without doing this list, did you? To hell with the holiday spirit!1. The Writers Strike. You need not have a side in this confict to hate it, so long as your side happens to be opposite a TV screen filled with reruns and game shows. Pay the freakin writers and end it already!2. On the Lot. This much-hyped, tedious directors competition from Mark Burnett and Steven Spielberg did more to make America hate the movies than The Golden Compass.3. Big Shots. Not just bad, but obnoxious, gross and unpleasant and all this with a cast of accomplished male leads. That s not just bad TV, that s an accomplishment.4. 24. Yes, I put this show on my All-TIME 100 TV shows list this year. No, season 6 of 24 did not make that decision easy. Being implausible and over-the-top is OK; recycling implausible and over-the-top scenarios from your first five seasons is not.5. The 1/2 Hour News Hour. Is funny conservative political comedy possible? Sure. Is Fox News capable of creating it? Not intentionally.6. Entourage. This is more about badness vs. potential. A once-excellent show that became this meandering and irrelevant deserves to be on a worst list, if only to keep it honest.7. Viva Laughlin. I almost don t want to put this on the list, because it feels like piling on. But there s no denying the evidence of my senses, or the tone-deaf hash CBS made of the fine British musical Viva Blackpool.8. The war on TV violence. This 2007 crusade in which would-be FCC censors tried to use torture scenes in 24 as a new wedge issue in the fight to tell us what to watch isn t ranked higher because it fortunately hasn t succeeded. Yet.9. Pirate Master. Arrrrrrr!10. John from Cincinnati. An explanation. Yes, there were far, far more than ten shows in 2007 that, honestly, were far, far worse than JFC. (Lil Bush, The Pussycat Dolls Present, The Wedding Bells, Bionic Woman ) But plain-old crappy TV shows will always be with us; far more deserving of notice are shows that pass themselves off as Quality TV the Studio 60s of the world. With great regret, I have to put the ambitious,[url=http://www.vanscheapshoesvans0.com]vans uk shoes[/url], poetic but sloppy, self-indulgent and pretentious JFC on the list. If David Milch had succeeded at what he
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