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nike air max 90 Don't for the sake of the natural affection, and choose to give

abandoned a your person is not painful, but when you give you love a person, what will feel what a pain.If one day you fell in love with a never love you, understand you, want you, want you, you will be more painful!

the world of love, the farthest distance is not the distance love, not between yin and Yang, is not when I stand in front of you, do not know that I love you.But when plainly kiss each other, love, finally because of external reasons, each other can not be together.Finally, just want to say to you: no matter how long, I can say to you, before you give up on me, please never doubt me to your and meaning.

any time, not a negative for the people.People need to know more, sad, and ultimately hurt the hearts of their own, if the man is ruthless, you are not hurt him "she" heart.If you don't love a person, please let go, so that other people have the opportunity to love her.If you love your people to give up, open up their own, so they have the opportunity to love others.Some things you can not belong to you like, some things you nostalgia also doomed to give up, love is a forever also cannot sing song.Life may experience many kinds of love, but do not let love become a kind of injury.�� if really love, do not give up, even if you feel sad, try to go about each other, listen to each other, let the other know that you still love him "she"; if really love, do not give up, even if let you down, try to accommodate him, let the other side know that you still care about him "she".Is a wonderful thing, has the infinite magic, fascination.Love a person, will love each other all, will not change because of worldly things.��

really understand love, will not easily leave.Even if there are thousands of reasons to give up, but you can always find a reason to stay.

the chance encounter,[url=http://nikeairmax90ss.blogspot.com/]nike air max 90[/url], perhaps destined to life with each other, each moment.Let time prove, the world media, you and I for the margin.�� &rdquo is met; hard-to-find, that person but in the lights dim.�� each &rdquo is grief at separation and joy in Union; total love,[url=http://nikeshoxturbo.devhub.com/]nike free run[/url], bit by bit to the previous window tianming.&ldquo �� love is endless longing; �� �� because the heart to have you!

in the vast sea of humanity, we know from the rub shoulders, and not the heaven blessed!I want to say, it was nice meeting you.The soul from the fetters,[url=http://nikeshoxshoes.tripod.com/]nike shox sko[/url], the heart has since then.I want to say, I see you have the Spring Festival last year, remember when you said to me?Choose you, I will not leave, will not give up, unless one day you like the others,[url=http://airmax1fgd.tripod.com/]air max 1 2013[/url], but that time, you must tell me.

two is not easy.Some must face the tattle and prate, some must face be deserted by one's followers, some must face the secular pressure, some must face the choice between life and death �� �� but no matter what the two world is the heaven, two personal life is desire.

too much good lens is actually two people together with the reason.Don't face life trivia and unpleasant quarrel can give once was in love and abandon take an oath devoutly promise?Please remember: love is the responsibility, love is tolerance!

remember the other day you send message to me, said a word to me, called, do not know is good or bad news, in fact, see this message I guess some things, call back the past,[url=http://nikefree3cheap.blogspot.com/]nike free run norge[/url], you tell me, say you home to have the Spring Festival to me have a look, then agreed to is you and I together, if you don't agree with do not delay �� Xiao Yang �� youth.I feel you can chat with you, so I say to you,[url=http://nikeshoxnzz.tumblr.com/]nike shox junior[/url], this is a good news, how can the bad news, and then you said, really?I said, you know, when my heart is trembling, I even think of some things, is likely to happen, then, you tell me, if you choose, you may choose your parents, the same, I think today was finally confirmed, the original reality so true, is still so cruel, thought to pay all, might have, so this is just my �� deceive oneself and others, today I ask you the same thing,[url=http://nikeshoxjunior.tumblr.com/]nike shox sko[/url], ask you if you will give me, your answer is,[url=http://nikefreerunsale2.devhub.com/]nike free run norge[/url], maybe!
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