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Crimesider - Page 1737 - CBS News

Houston – A man on death row may win a new trial as the Texas courts deal with the revelation that the attorney who prosecuted him and the judge who ruled on his case were having an affair during his trial.
Charles Hood, 39, a former bouncer at a topless club, was 20 when he was arrested in Indiana for the fatal shootings of Tracie Lynn Wallace, 26, an ex-dancer, and her boyfriend, Ronald Williamson, 46, at Williamson's home in Plano in 1989.
Hood has maintained his innocence. But Hood was driving Williamson's $70,000 Cadillac at the time of his arrest and evidence against him included his fingerprints at the murder scene. Hood has said he had permission to drive the car and his fingerprints were at the house because he had been living there.

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